Work Authorization Form

Please complete the following form to agree to the terms on this page and have us start working for you.

I/we, the owners/managers of the property entered in the form on this page agree to retain/hire One Call Home Preservation, Inc. here forth known as OCHP to complete the scope of work.

By electronically signing this document, I/We agree to the following:

  • In the event that it becomes evident that additional repairs are required to be performed on the property that are not included in the estimate, One Call Home Preservation shall identify the additional work in writing and obtain approval from the Owner. If such approval is not obtained, no additional work will be authorized and payments for said additional work will not be furnished.
  • To pay OCHP for the total cost of all services rendered. All work will be completed in accordance with the damage/work scope estimate.
  • OCHP will remain my/our exclusive contractor in regards to the above mentioned estimate until the approved work is completed and payment is made in full.
  • To grant OCHP and it's affiliates full access to the above named property.