Credit Card Authorization Form

Please complete the form on this page to agree to our credit card authorization terms below.

  • By checking the agreement box on this form, I certify, that I am a signer on the account listed below with the authority to grant this authorization on behalf of the company/customer entered.
  • I certify, that One Call Home Preservation, Inc. or any of its agents (“One Call Home Preservation”) is authorized to charge the account for the sale of goods and services in the amount(s) entered in the authorization fields plus a 4% processing fee.
  • I certify, that payer entered is hereby requested, authorized and directed to honor and to treat as authorized, charges made in Company/Customer’s name in accordance with this authorization in lieu of an imprint of the actual card. I understand that no cash discount can be allowed on credit card payments.
  • I certify, that in the event that any such charge is not paid, Company/Customer agrees to pay One Call Home Preservation the full amount plus an item fee of $25.00, without further authorization.
  • I certify, that this authorization shall remain in full force and effect and the authority herein given to One Call Home Preservation shall remain irrevocable until One Call Home Preservation receives written notice of revocation of such authority. Revocation shall not affect any action taken prior to receipt of such notice.